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My Story

I am Brazilian, expatriate in Ireland, and made out of a mix of European blood. There is a lot of ancestrality from different places and cultures added by an adventurous spiritual and life journey on me. I have lived in 4 countries, and 19 cities, working since I was 14 years old and spiritually aware from 18 years of age, being 37 years old now. As you can see, the gypsy influence is very strong in my story, also explained by my astrological birth chart, numerology and the need to learn through experiencing things.

I am a Gemini Sun and Rising, very much aware about our interaction and connection with past lives since literally half a lifetime ago, as well as my heightened sensitivity to energies overall. This can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. 

I added some science and new tools in order to share all of it with the world. Fulfilling one of my life purposes: To be a Holistic Coach, Energy Healer and Consciousness Therapist. As Mentor, I bring a lot of my studies and life experience to the sessions. Believe, I have been through almost every darkness that you can think of, including my own, and I have nailed the Shadow work. To mentor, one must have experienced your pain, doubt, and difficulty, overcoming them all successfully. Then and just then, you will be ready to guide.

"A conscious coach and healer is constantly

working on its own healing"

Check out what the clients say about my work below...

Nayla Spinosa - Ireland

Hi Aria, I don't know if you remember, but in our last session, we talked about waiting 3 weeks to take this idea forward. In the following days, everything turned upside down "and I left it for later", I thought to myself that at the right time it would come. Today would be exactly 3 weeks later, and in a very unpretentious call, the subject came up and manifested itself out of nowhere”

Amanda Rolim - Brazil

"My meeting with you Aria, I'm sure it was arranged by God! It was at the worst time of my life...
I had the opportunity to do a tarot consultation with you, those 20/30 minutes changed my perception of the years, and thus my Spiritual Awakening began. I always make the analogy that the tarot and the vibrational therapy table did not solve my problems like a magic wand, in fact these resources made me discover that by removing my floor, I could fly."

Ronan Fassina, Brazil

"Right in the first session I had the chance to see how much I self-sabotaged, deceived myself and let people do with me what they wanted. Accepting the spiritual mentorship made me face problems head on, have self-confidence and believe that our dreams are possible as long as you own your destiny.

Let’s Work Together

Birr - County Offaly


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