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Welcoming transformation

Healing is much more than just the healing itself, it is about be open and willing to evolve. The real spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing happens when we transform.

And I will guide you all the way!!!

It is good to know...

1. Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

2. Those who look outside, dream. Who looks inside, wakes up

3. If I am posing a question to the world, I must provide my own answer; otherwise I am reduced to the answer the world gives me.

4. It all depends on how we see things and not how they are.

5. Only what we really are has the power to heal us.

6. Any tree that wants to touch the heavens needs to have roots so deep that also touches hell.

7. We cannot change anything without first accepting it.

8. Shoes that look good on one person are too small for another; There is no recipe for life that works for everyone.

9. We want to have certainties and not doubts, results and not experiences, but we don't even realize that certainties can only arise through doubts and results only through experiences.

Zoom in...

Being in social isolation made a lot of people pay more attention to themselves, especially mental health. Holistic therapies, means a set of techniques that bring healing from treatments involving body, mind and soul – that results in the so-called individual “energy”. For example, among the techniques you find here are crystal therapy, dowsing, tarot, Reiki and vibrational awareness.

Overall, these methods aim to clear trauma and help with physical and emotional pain, as well as being allies against anxiety. The client will have access to the depths of his own essence and what truly bothers him. Holistic therapy is based on the concepts of quantum energy.

“It is a movement that is not found in medicine, which only deals with the consequence, the cure for your discomforts and pain, even because they may not be just physical”, here it is about stress, addictions and depression, all factors that contribute to the disturbance of the energy field. The practice of most alternative therapies can be carried out virtually, as is done here.


“I feel that those who seek me want to know about self-knowledge, peace and unconditional love”


I advise, however, that people go through several techniques to see where they fit best, and it is up to the professional to respect each one's time: "There are people who prefer to go little by little rather than a great immersion", which is my approach.


The most sought after desire, apparently, is “happiness”.

Welcoming, supporting and empathizing with each person’s situation is essential, “because from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain, we are all connected”.

Aria Carolina Milioni

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